Historic Teams

There have been countless Conference, State and national champions to come out of the Beehive State. But which of these teams are the greatest assembled since Utah was made a State in 1896? We set out to find the top 10 teams/individuals from the capital of green jello and this is what we found. 10. … Continue reading Historic Teams

Voices of the crowd

Fans of sports in Utah love to get access to their teams through any form they can access. Listening to Greg Wrubell on their radio while watching the BYU football game live is one way to witness the fullness of sports media in the Beehive State. Cougar fans can listen to his commentary on FM … Continue reading Voices of the crowd

No Love Lost

Sports are one thing Logan High School senior Bethany Olsen (right side of picture) loves. Throughout her four years in the north side of the Beehive State, she has played four sports and lettered in three. When asked about what her experience has been like playing four sports throughout her time at Logan High School, … Continue reading No Love Lost