Jazz 2018: The Next Hollywood Classic

The 2017-2018 was the most historic improvement from Game 1 to Game 82 in NBA history. From 19-28 to 48-34 the Jazz showed they belong and this is the type of stuff that only happens in Hollywood movies. Speaking of that, let's imagine what this film would look like that. It's time to break it … Continue reading Jazz 2018: The Next Hollywood Classic


Give Utah Parker Style

6 years ago BYU Cougars tried to lure Jabari Parker from Chicago to Provo. Students tried wearing "Chicago to Provo" T-shirts, making welcoming posters and even making a "Gangnam Style" parody called "Parker Style". Unfortunately for them he chose the prestigious Duke Blue Devils instead. Fast forward to the present and Jabari is now a … Continue reading Give Utah Parker Style

Before Cavs Warriors there was Bulls Jazz

With the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors facing off for the fourth straight time in the NBA Finals, this would lead many to believe that this is one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the game. These people might have been either too young or too oblivious in the late 90s when … Continue reading Before Cavs Warriors there was Bulls Jazz

Joe Ingles is More Valuable than LeBron James

Before tearing up this article for being clickbait, please read it. It's true that James year in and year out is an MVP candidate and one of the greatest to ever play the game. However, sometimes it's easy to forget that this is a team sport and sometimes the definition of "valuable" varies. How is … Continue reading Joe Ingles is More Valuable than LeBron James

USU: The Purple People Eaters of College Tennis

If the Aggies could mix Cougar blue with Ute red what would they have? The perfect rivalry! If you passed kindergarten you'll know that red and blue make purple. Nobody is suggesting that the Weber State Wildcats of the Purple Palace are the perfect rivalry but the Aggies seem to like taking on a Purple … Continue reading USU: The Purple People Eaters of College Tennis

The Return of Swatooine

A long time ago in a Valley far far away...... Playoff Wars: The Last True Rookie War has struck. The Rockets have landed on Planet Swat Lake City, also known as Swatooine on Star Wars Day. The Evil Sith Lord Darth Hideous (I mean, look at James Harden's beard) recruited Darth Homer also known as … Continue reading The Return of Swatooine

Houston WE are the Problem

James Harden is the lead MVP candidate after making a Houdini like disappearing act against the Spurs in the second round of last year's playoffs. How would a Spurs team without Tim Duncan do that though? Oh you'd need a savvy coach, someone who can score and guard your best player. A rim protector would … Continue reading Houston WE are the Problem