Aggies and Wildcats Exceed Expectations, Utes and Cougars meeting them

I was higher on the Aggies than the Mountain West was in the preseason polls but I'm very surprised at the level at which they are dominating and the respect they are receiving at a national level. The preseason rankings picked the Aggies to be tied with Air Force for 4th in the Mountain Division. … Continue reading Aggies and Wildcats Exceed Expectations, Utes and Cougars meeting them


Nuggets of Wisdom & Nuggets of Denver

By Mark Milligan Jr Nov. 3, 2018 Frustrations abound, and the 22 year old Utah Jazz star tweets a single word... Yet another symbol of Donovan Mitchell's maturity and leadership of his team and Jazz Nation as a whole. We as fans tend to live in the moment, forgetting that a season is a long … Continue reading Nuggets of Wisdom & Nuggets of Denver

Road Trip Rankings

By: Daniel Olsen November 2, 2018 Sports fanatics are willing to travel hundreds and in some case thousands of miles to see their team play live. This week it's time to break down each destination as all three FBS schools in the state will be away from home. Let's face it, they're not in Kansas … Continue reading Road Trip Rankings

Playoff Preview: Is RSL for Real?

By: Daniel Olsen November 1, 2018 (Photo courtesy of Before last year expansion teams simply didn't have postseason success in their first year. Then the Vegas Golden Knights happened in hockey. They would go on to lose the Stanley Cup to the Washington Capitals and Ovechkin enjoyed a nice honeymoon with the trophy. In … Continue reading Playoff Preview: Is RSL for Real?

The Dead Arise, Grizzlies, & Revenge

By Mark Milligan Jr Nov. 1, 2018 Wow. I had the craziest nightmare last night. (It had to be a dream because nothing like it could happen in real life.) I dreamed that Derrick Rose's corpse rose from the depths of the NBA graveyard on Halloween night and took revenge on the team that traded … Continue reading The Dead Arise, Grizzlies, & Revenge

Halloween Hit List Special: The WHERE Wolves

By: Daniel Olsen Halloween 2018 👻 Some of us love good old banter – especially in the college ranks. The anonymous Twitter burner account @boneyfuller enjoys trolling roster pictures of BYU’s opponent that week. The Utah State Aggies had a game newsletter for the student section that had dirt on the opposing team. It started … Continue reading Halloween Hit List Special: The WHERE Wolves

Mavs Run Out of Gas vs Jazz

By Daniel Olsen Oct. 29, 2018 It was a heated game. Quin had to be restrained from going at the referees, players got banged up and the Utah Jazz eeked out a win over the Maverik gas station team. Here's how they did it: Gobert got 3 blocks again: The Jazz are 4-0 this season … Continue reading Mavs Run Out of Gas vs Jazz

Gobert, Rubio Dominate & Mavs Preview

By Mark Milligan Jr Oct. 28, 2018 Pelicans Recap Utah took advantage of a tired and short-handed New Orleans team on Friday night by handing them their first loss of the season. Shortly before tip-off it was announced that Anthony Davis would not be available due to a sprained eyebrow, er...ahem, I mean elbow. (My … Continue reading Gobert, Rubio Dominate & Mavs Preview

Game 5 Preview: Pelicans Are No Dodos

By Mark Milligan Jr Oct 26, 2018 To be a fan of the Utah Jazz is to be frustrated with the consistent undervaluing of the team by the rest of the league. No matter how many times the nation is surprised at the "unforeseen" success of the Jazz, fans of other teams around the league … Continue reading Game 5 Preview: Pelicans Are No Dodos

High School Legends

Everyone has a personal legend in life and sometimes an obstacle gets in the way that makes one forget what they were meant to do. In a classic book called The Alchemist a Shepherd boy who loves to travel realizes his personal legend is to find a treasure near the Egyptian Pyramids. This book has … Continue reading High School Legends