BYU Bracket Watch 2020

WARNING: This article has been infected by COVID-19 but you can still read to see where BYU was projected to be seeded had the tournament not been cancelled. After reading you may need to self-quarantine and read some of our other previous articles. After losing in the semifinals against Saint Mary's BYU should still get … Continue reading BYU Bracket Watch 2020

BYU Beats Number 2

Going into this contest, BYU had lost their last 6 games to the Zags. Having just cracked the AP Top 25 and soaring in most Bracketology rankings, BYU had to prove themselves on a crazy night filled with students that had camped out for days for this game. Gonzaga is ranked second in the nation … Continue reading BYU Beats Number 2

BYU Splashes from Deep End

BYU hit a school record 18 three point shots in their 23 point win over Loyola Marymount University on Thursday night. Let's take a deep dive on how the Cougars excelled so much from beyond the arc in this special game. 1. Loyola Marymount does not defend the three well: This is no slight to … Continue reading BYU Splashes from Deep End