Old-school Fans, It’s Time to Return! (Here’s What You Missed)

Image by ClutchPoints By Mark Milligan Jr. Sept 24, 2018 This one is specifically for all the old-school Jazz fans. You know who you are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “I use to be a big fan, but after John and Karl retired...” It’s ok, I get it. I’m … Continue reading Old-school Fans, It’s Time to Return! (Here’s What You Missed)


Along Came a Spider

(Picture courtesy of USU twitter page) Donovan Mitchell is nothing short of a statewide celebrity. Dunk champ, several Rookie of The Year awards (who cares about the media, the ESPYS and players got it right), and leading his team to the second round of the Western Conference playoffs. Mitchell almost shut down a mall with … Continue reading Along Came a Spider

College football Week 4 Survival Guide

Featured Photo of Aggie Super Fan credited to Erica So your Utes are playing BYE U this week, the Cougars are playing an FCS team and the Aggies host Air Force. Pretty boring week right? Wrong! There are plenty of sports going on around the state and the nation to pay attention to. So sit … Continue reading College football Week 4 Survival Guide

Utah Jazz 2018-19 Head to Head Lakers Series Preview

(Featured Image by ClutchPoints) By Mark Milligan Jr Sept 14, 2018 The West is a gauntlet. That much we know. Golden State is the team to beat and everyone else will be scratching and clawing over each other to rise to the top. Very few teams are sitting this season out and at least two … Continue reading Utah Jazz 2018-19 Head to Head Lakers Series Preview

Straight outta Utah: Fantasy Sleepers

When one looks to stockpile talent to win their fantasy football office pool they tend to look at players who played for powerhouse college teams like Alabama and USC. One tends to turn a blind eye to the Beehive State but there is plenty of talent in Utah that can get you some points on … Continue reading Straight outta Utah: Fantasy Sleepers

Bringing the Band back Together

Could the Utah Jazz Reunion Tour be bigger than Bruce Springsteen and theE Street Band was at the turn of the millennium? One need only look at the recent success of the Salt Lake City based NBA team to find out. The Jazz have now advanced to the second round for the second time time … Continue reading Bringing the Band back Together

Grayson excels despite shooting woes in debut

In his Summer League debut, Grayson Allen looked like he would struggle even if he was playing in the Utah Jazz three on three tournament going on earlier in the day. However, he found ways to benefit his team in other ways in a lopsided victory over the San Antonio Spurs. Ok, at least he … Continue reading Grayson excels despite shooting woes in debut

Predicting Jazz starting 5 next year

Last year the Jazz mainly used the starting 5 of Rubio, Mitchell, Ingles, Favors and Gobert. But was it the most successful lineup? That is up for debate. There is always the age old question of whether two traditional bigs like Favors and Gobert can be successful sharing the floor together when it's harder to … Continue reading Predicting Jazz starting 5 next year

Grown Up Grayson?

There was Tripgate. The "I hate Christian Laettner Part 12". The emotional outbursts. All those incidents can be explained by the old Grayson Allen either crossing the line or people just hating on Duke. However, Allen has worked on his game and is excited to play for the Utah Jazz with former ACC foe Donovan … Continue reading Grown Up Grayson?