College Football Week 2 Preview

The first week of college football was full of top plays, heartbreaks, close games, storm delays and just plain mania.  Let's look at what happened by the numbers.  By teams from the Beehive State, there were a total of: 6 interceptions thrown  6 rushing touchdowns 5 passing touchdowns 3 made field goals 2 fumbles lost … Continue reading College Football Week 2 Preview


SOS Series: Utah State Aggies

Strength of schedule is completely speculative...... right? There is no way we can predict how hard the schedule will be based on predictions or even results. The truth is that unless someone can find a sports almanac from five years from now like Biff did in Back to the Future II, there won't be any … Continue reading SOS Series: Utah State Aggies

March Gladness: An Aggie Cinderella Story

Once upon a time there was a basketball team from an agricultural campus in Northern Utah (the Aggies).  They wanted so badly to get into the NCAA tournament dance every year but they were in a poor region called the Western Athletic Conference who usually had only one army selected from that land.  Stew Morrill's … Continue reading March Gladness: An Aggie Cinderella Story

Utah’s Journey back to the tourney

The state of Utah has a history of great basketball. The Utes have traditionally been a basketball school as they were the runner up in 1998 and won a championship in the World War II era. BYU has Jimmer Mania and once won the NIT back when it was the main tournament. The Aggies have … Continue reading Utah’s Journey back to the tourney

La Vida Loca in New Mexico

The culmination of the Utah State Aggie football season provided a clear picture of how the majority of the season looked.  They beat an inferior team by a lot of points.  They got ahead early and never looked back in their second ever New Mexico bowl win.  The final score was 52-13 in Albuquerque.  With … Continue reading La Vida Loca in New Mexico

Bowl Stocking Stuffers

by Daniel Olsen Image via College Football News There are plenty of chances to stock your special someone's stockings with goodness to prepare them for their favorite team's Bowl game this year. By now you may have already bought tickets for the big game but you need to be prepared! This is what you need … Continue reading Bowl Stocking Stuffers

2018 USU Bowl Projections

Image via USU Statesman Tic Tac Toe, three bowl eligible schools in a row! Utah, Utah State and BYU all won at least as many games as they lost and that means they all more than likely will be featured in one of the many bowl games in college football's money centered version of the … Continue reading 2018 USU Bowl Projections

Can the Aggies stop the Smurf Turf?

The Utah State Aggies face a huge challenge when they arrive on the Smurf Turf on Saturday night. There is nothing "Holy" about THIS rivalry. It's just smash mouth Mountain West Football. Some might not call it a rivalry. They say the Broncos have won two straight over the Aggies. Well the Broncos have beaten … Continue reading Can the Aggies stop the Smurf Turf?

USU Football Recap: Fantasy Ending in Fort Collins

By: Daniel Olsen November 18, 2018 | Image via Boyd's Bets USU still wants Bama but after tonight they learned that there is more than one Cinderella at the Royal ball. UCF looks like a team possessed and currently on a 23 game win streak. They are the lone undefeated Group of 5 team and … Continue reading USU Football Recap: Fantasy Ending in Fort Collins