Around the NBA: Postgame Playoffs Recap

by Harry Porter | The Miami Heat took game one of the Eastern Conference Finals while the Denver Nuggets advanced to the Western Conference Finals with a game seven victory. Eastern Conference Finals: #3 Boston Celtics vs. #5 Miami Heat, Game 1: 117-114 (MIA Leads 1-0) The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat played to a … Continue reading Around the NBA: Postgame Playoffs Recap

Celtics @ Jazz: 2 Players’ Fates Intertwined, Come to a Head

Hayward & Crowder finally meet for the first time since Hayward broke his ankle falling over Crowder...

Gordon Gone

It wasn't that he did it. It was HOW he did it. This seems to be the consensus among most Jazz fans. Hayward started feeling Wayward about his decision and retracted when word leaked out early that he was headed to Boston. So, to honor the Declaration of Independence that was created on July 4th, … Continue reading Gordon Gone

Haywatch in full swing in South Beach

The real movie Jazz fans want to see this summer doesn't involve shirtless Zac Efron in Baywatch. This summer Jazz fans are all on Haywatch! All puns aside, Gordon Hayward has already visited Miami and is currently visiting Boston this weekend. The Jazz will be his third and final visit this week and he is … Continue reading Haywatch in full swing in South Beach

2017 Utah Jazz Survival Guide for Free Agency

Perhaps you've heard the rumor that Gordon Hayward might head to Boston in July. Perhaps you've also heard that Charles Oakley is going to be the new GM for the Knicks and Kobe will replace Adam Silver as commissioner too! A lot of rumors go around in the NBA. It's time to be real. There … Continue reading 2017 Utah Jazz Survival Guide for Free Agency


Gordon Hayward possibly received even more notoriety among the Boston faithful when he scored 31 points last night. It was to no avail for the Utah Jazz though as they dropped their second straight loss. Isaiah Thomas broke down the Jazz defense with his 29 point game. His quick pace and ability to find the … Continue reading Stayward?

Jazz Attire

Many Jazz fans love to strut their stuff in Jazz attire. The local Fanzz sports gear store sells collegiate and professional team attire all across the state. While some college attire appears more often in their respective college towns, the Jazz are the one team that shows up in all stores throughout the state. With … Continue reading Jazz Attire