Melé Kalanimaka 2019

All the college football teams have fought hard and earned bowl eligibility. It's time to see what bowl game they have all earned. Aloha BYU: BYU has earned a spot in the SoFi Hawaii Bowl vs who else? The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. The West Division champion will have the advantage of playing on their home … Continue reading Melé Kalanimaka 2019

2017 Beehive Bowl Projections

Two teams in the Beehive State have chances to go bowling in a few weeks when Bowl Selection Sunday rolls around. While nobody in the Beehive State will get a Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl in their stockings, there will be plenty of opportunities for an attractive bowl location with a modest payout to their … Continue reading 2017 Beehive Bowl Projections

Aggie 2017 Football Preview

After an abysmal 3-9 season last year it's hard to believe the Aggies can go anywhere but up. The only thing worse than that would be something from the Brent Guy era. After so many close losses last year one would think it's time for luck to swing back in their favor. This might prove … Continue reading Aggie 2017 Football Preview