Best Utah sports costumes

By: Daniel Olsen October 19, 2018 (Photo courtesy of SB Nation of the 2009 Utah Jazz team costume party) There are so many good teams in the state of Utah. Last week Utah State, Utah and BYU football looked like Alabama, Oklahoma and Clemson respectively. Ok maybe the level of competition out west isn't on … Continue reading Best Utah sports costumes


BYU Preview: Collie living right in Hawaii and Provo

For a while Dylan Collie played football at a school in Hawaii. No, BYU-Hawaii didn't bring their athletics programs back, much less a football team. However, little Dylan learned to be a great football player on and off the field in his three seasons with the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Dylan comes from a family of … Continue reading BYU Preview: Collie living right in Hawaii and Provo

The Evergreen vs the Beehive State: What went wrong

(Photo courtesy of USA TODAY) By: Daniel Olsen 10/01/2018 It is reportedly the first time that BYU and Utah were both playing college football on the same day at the same time in the Evergreen State. It was also close to the same time. The Utes started at 4 PM MST and the Cougars started … Continue reading The Evergreen vs the Beehive State: What went wrong

College football Week 4 Survival Guide

Featured Photo of Aggie Super Fan credited to Erica So your Utes are playing BYE U this week, the Cougars are playing an FCS team and the Aggies host Air Force. Pretty boring week right? Wrong! There are plenty of sports going on around the state and the nation to pay attention to. So sit … Continue reading College football Week 4 Survival Guide

Jump Around Provo!

(Featured photo credited to By: Daniel Olsen 9/16/2018 One year ago BYU lost games to cellar dwellers in East Carolina and UMass. They had lost their identity. They were 0-2 against in-state teams for the first time since 2010. Bowl eligibility seemed like their ceiling. Three games into the season the Cougars are looking … Continue reading Jump Around Provo!

Week 2 Recap: Is your team that good?

By: Daniel Olsen September 11, 2018 (Image by In week 1 the Utes beat Weber State easily, the Aggies nearly beat #11 ranked Michigan State and BYU beat the promising Arizona Wildcats. But how much does this really tell us about these teams? It might tell us a little bit but not a whole … Continue reading Week 2 Recap: Is your team that good?

The Best and Worst of Tanner Mangum

By now you've heard than Tanner Mangum was announced the starting quarterback for BYU. This probably brought mixed emotions. He's a senior so he brings plenty of memories, both good, bad and in between. The same people who were clamoring for Tanner to replace Taysom Hill are probably clamoring for Zach Wilson to replace Tanner. … Continue reading The Best and Worst of Tanner Mangum

2018 Utes Football Preview

Is this the year the Utes win the South? Is this the year to wake up an smell the roses in Pasadena? Is it the year for Utes fans everywhere to have a shot at a national championship that their rival BYU Cougars claimed in 1984? It's time to stir things up here and closer … Continue reading 2018 Utes Football Preview

Cougar Football Preview

Whether you blame it on injuries, the weather, the coaching or the refs, there's no way escaping that the Cougars had an embarrassing 4-9 season last year that they are unaccustomed to experiencing in Provo. The loyal and true in the royal blue will need to have faith and support their team this year even … Continue reading Cougar Football Preview

Breaking News: Coca Cola named the Official sports drink of BYU Athletics

Last year the news that caffeinated beverages would be sold on BYU campus brought shouts of joy across freshman Snapchat stories throughout Provo. "It changed my life," exclaimed an anonymous freshman girl who is working on her M.R.S. degree. Life is now about to change for BYU athletes as well. In a shocking press conference … Continue reading Breaking News: Coca Cola named the Official sports drink of BYU Athletics