Jazz 2020 Game #53 Review

Game Ball goes to: Jordan "6th Man" Clarkson! Why? Honestly he would have been a lock for the game ball last game had it not been for Bojan's heroic game winning three. He has been on an absolute tear lately though as he totaled 55 points in his two night stay in the Lone Star … Continue reading Jazz 2020 Game #53 Review

Mavs Run Out of Gas vs Jazz

By Daniel Olsen Oct. 29, 2018 It was a heated game. Quin had to be restrained from going at the referees, players got banged up and the Utah Jazz eeked out a win over the Maverik gas station team. Here's how they did it: Gobert got 3 blocks again: The Jazz are 4-0 this season … Continue reading Mavs Run Out of Gas vs Jazz