Utah 2020 NFL Draft by the Numbers

The first NFL virtual draft did not disappoint. 255 players were drafted from all around the nation. Let’s look at how the numbers compare to the other 94 colleges around the nation. 13: Of all the 42 states with colleges that had players, the Beehive State had the 13th most athletes selected in the draft. … Continue reading Utah 2020 NFL Draft by the Numbers

2020 NFL Draft: It’s a Love Story

The NFL Draft starts on Thursday. Who in Utah will hear their name called in the first round? How many will be drafted at all? Let’s take a deeper look at the state's most promising draft pick, Jordan Love.  While he did not have the most successful junior season, scouts have been impressed by Love’s … Continue reading 2020 NFL Draft: It’s a Love Story

The Conquistadores Defeat the Aztecs

It wasn't quite a 93 year streak like the original Aztec empire of Mexico, but for 52 years the mighty San Diego State Aztecs reigned over the poor farmers of Logan, Utah. The only pig skin that these poor farmers were good at was slaughtering the hogs to make bacon. Even when the Aggies made … Continue reading The Conquistadores Defeat the Aztecs

The Hive Awards: Best Male Athlete

As the year draws to a close we remember the good, the bad and the ugly but hopefully mostly the good. With every bad athlete there are several good and a few great ones in the state. There are so many great coaches at the prep, college and pro level but we decided to choose four nominees that performed exceptionally well and … Continue reading The Hive Awards: Best Male Athlete