SLC “Comic Con” 2020

By: Daniel Olsen Photo from Spider-Man Far From Home Commercial This is a script detailing the Utah Jazz's pursuit of an NBA championship via a dynamic duo that shall henceforth be named the Comic Con Peter Parker, having announced his retirement from his superhero career, passed on his Spider-Man outfit to a rising star named … Continue reading SLC “Comic Con” 2020

The Utah Jazz and the 2019 NBA Draft

by Daniel Olsen The Utah Jazz drafted a polarizing player in Grayson Allen in 2018 who will hopefully develop to be an integral piece of the team. A player selected in the 20s or higher often has to to earn his way to the top and Grayson was humble enough to put in the work … Continue reading The Utah Jazz and the 2019 NBA Draft

The next Jazz Draft sleeper

Will the Jazz trade up to get the next Donovan Mitchell. Will any player drafted with their 21st pick make an immediate impact? It's the NBA Draft Eve so it's time to break things down! The draft trade we'd like to see: Jazz trade 21st pick and Alec Burks to the Nuggets in exchange for … Continue reading The next Jazz Draft sleeper

Former Foes Unite on the Jazz

When the national championship was decided three months ago, nobody was more upset than Nigel Williams-Goss of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. On the other hand, few were as happy as Tony Bradley was following the "Revenge Tour" the Tar Heels completed successfully after losing the year prior to Villanova on a last second shot. Fast forward … Continue reading Former Foes Unite on the Jazz

Jazz trade Trey Lyles for rival Louisville Star

The Jazz entered the draft with 4 picks and the need to make some bold moves to keep their impending free agent Gordon Hayward. 2 trades and three picks later, they ended up not doing half bad. Here is the scoop on the new lottery pick on the way better than lottery bound Jazz: Donovan … Continue reading Jazz trade Trey Lyles for rival Louisville Star

Make the Homer pick

During the playoffs the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard Chris Paul called Jazz fans a "bunch of homers" and later claimed that it was a "compliment". This year it might be in the best interest of the Jazz to make the Homer pick when they select the last player in the first round of … Continue reading Make the Homer pick

Who will the Jazz draft for the 24th pick?

In less than a week the Jazz will get the chance to select the 24th player of the first round of the NBA draft. Mock drafts are popping up on every big sports site in America so it's time to see who people are saying will be the first candidate to try on a Jazz … Continue reading Who will the Jazz draft for the 24th pick?