Cardiac Cougars

Cardiac Cougars

8 points.  That’s the difference so far between an average and undefeated year for the BYU Cougars so far.  This year was the schedule that was supposed to give them a shot at making the big 12.  That was before they and the rest of the contestants for the conference realized they got played like a viral YouTube video.

The Cougars of Houston University as well as the ones from Brigham Young University were considered to be the front runners to be accepted into the smallest of the Power 5 conferences.  Now they will have to find a different way to keep up with the top teams. But what is the best way to do that?

If BYU can keep scheduling tough games and winning those games then they will continue to build their program.  This year they finished with three wins and three losses against colleges from Power 5 conferences.  They’ve proven they can at least beat some teams from the SEC, Big 10 and Pac 12.  They did lose games to two talented Pac 12 teams and one Big 12 team though.  Then there was a loss to perennial Group of Five Cinderella Boise State.  BYU has found a way to win a lot of close games as well as break more hearts than Dear John letters.

The lure of enthusiastic new head Coach Sitake, the popularity of BYU among LDS athletes, and scheduling games in NFL arenas against traditional powerhouse schools will only bring more success to the Cougars.  It could also bring more heartaches, Holy War casualties and games vs FCS teams in November.  Hey, they don’t call them the Cardiac Cougars for nothing.

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