Dynamic Duo 

Dynamic Duo 

Nearly two decades ago, the Jazz were the center of the basketball world. Karl Malone had won the MVP, his sidekick John Stockton made a three point shot to send the Jazz to the NBA finals, and all was right with the world.

That’s when they ran into the buzz-saw known as Michael Jordan.

Not even the stomach flu could stop MJ as he went on to beat the Jazz in six games. And the #23 all star had no problem beating the Jazz the very next year.

However, Jordan’s greatness doesn’t take away from the greatest duo of all time. How many teams can say their point guard had the most assists or steals of all time? Only the Utah Jazz. John Stockton has arguably been called the greatest point guard of all time.

Other notable accomplishments were found in Karl Malone, also known as the Mailman. Malone certainly delivered daily like a letter carrier as he scored the second most points of all time during his years with the Jazz. He was loyal as he spent almost his entire career playing for this team. He gave the Jazz two MVP seasons and also was co-MVP with Stockton at an All Star game hosted by his team in Salt Lake City.

People in the media will argue and say that Magic was the greatest point guard of all time and Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all time. This is a lie. There has never been a duo to rival the fictional heroes, Batman and Robin, like this. If they didn’t hit their prime in the Jordan era, they would be NBA champions.

After all these years, people still remember this iconic phrase: Stockton to Malone. And it will be remembered for years to come.

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