Carry on my Hayward Son

Carry on my Hayward Son

Clank. That was the sound that was the difference between upsetting the powerhouse Duke Blue Devils in the national championship and wondering what could have been the greatest half court shot in NCAA championship history.

Gordon walked off the court knowing he gave his coach Brad Stevens everything he could.

He may have to chance to give his old coach a little more next NBA season.

Gordon is picking the right year to put up all star numbers as he nears free agency. He is averaging 24.4 points per game. He is shooting a mesmerizing 97% from the free throw line. He is the star player that has every fan Jazzed up.

People thought proven veterans George Hill and Joe Johnson would be the main men on this squad or that Rudy Gobert would emerge into a superstar but the team is still in the hands of Gordon Hayward. This boy has some skill.

His former Butler University head coach Brad Stevens now coaches in the NBA for the Boston Celtics. Rumors have circulated that Hayward might join his young coach along with the stars Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford and a bunch of other unsung heroes.

Boston fans are ready to welcome this baller to Beantown but Jazz fanatics everywhere are singing a rendition of the famous Kansas song: Carry on My Hayward Son. There is peace in Jazz Nation.

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