Safety first

Safety first

Most Americans would buy a fancy new Corvette with eighty grand in their pocket. Coach K of the Utah Utes basketball, however, decided that this money was better spent on cancelling a game between the University’s rival BYU Cougars.

When asked about the reasoning behind the cancellation, Larry said that it was for “safety reasons”. This had to do with the swift blow that BYU freshman guard Nick Emery made to Ute star Brandon Taylor’s head last year.

This inspired a plethora of safety hats that members of the ROC (Cougar student section) wore to mock their rivals last year after the cancellation was announced.

Punching someone in the face is inexcusable but it will be in the Best interest of the Utes to show a tougher resolve. Cancelling a rivalry game because of one heated moment is weak. Members of the Ute basketball team will need to show a tougher resolve than their head coach if they want to be successful this year. After all, the safety first mentality isn’t as important as memories that will last.

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