Thankful for basketball

Thankful for basketball

 Whether they cheer for the Jazz, Aggies, Utes, Cougars or other teams from the Beehive State, sports fans in Utah have a lot to be thankful for.

BYU basketball fans can be happy that they advanced to the Final Four of the NIT tournament. They can also be happy that the big 3 of Lone Peak are back from their missions.

Ute basketball fans can be grateful that they advanced to the Second round of the Big Dance. They can also be thankful that they don’t have to face the improved Cougars.

Aggie basketball fans can be grateful that they got the second best recruit out of the graduating class of 2016 in the state of Utah. They can be grateful that this freshman phenom can be a more popular Koby than the former Laker.

Even small college schools can be grateful. Weber State basketball fans can be grateful that their team qualified for the NCAA this year. UVU, SUU and Dixie State fans can be grateful… that their schools have a basketball program.

Jazz fans can be grateful for three newly recruited veterans that will give them the experience and depth to get back into the postseason.

Basketball is a big sport in Utah and fans of the sport in this state can rest assured that there will be ballers at the prep, college and pro level to light up the Rocky Mohntains for decades to come.

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