Voices of the crowd

Voices of the crowd

Fans of sports in Utah love to get access to their teams through any form they can access.

Listening to Greg Wrubell on their radio while watching the BYU football game live is one way to witness the fullness of sports media in the Beehive State. Cougar fans can listen to his commentary on FM station 102.7 or AM station KSL News Radio 1160.

Aggie fans also love to listen to Al Lewis after driving home from a hard fought basketball game on a frosty winter night. He can be listened to on the AM station 610 KVNU.
Fans of multiple sports throughout the state enjoy listening to The Zone Sports Network (FM station 97.5 and AM station 1280). Listening to David James and Patrick Kinahan (DJ and PK) is an easy way for early bird business men to listen to the latest buzz on sports in the Beehive State.

Fans of the professional Utah Jazz basketball team enjoy watching the post game report on the ROOT sports network. They enjoy seeing former big man Thurl Bailey analyze the game in his deep bass voice.

It’s not fun to work overtime hours in the cold tax season in Utah but the afternoon “Big Show” featuring Spence Checketts and Gordon Monson is a great way to ease the job stress on the way home from work. Their witty “Not Sports Report” always draws many humorous reactions from sports fans.

Whether hearing sports on the radio, watching on the TV news, or reading about it in your local newspaper, there are plenty of talented commentators and journalists to keep you entertained for decades to come.

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