The Aggies have won three official games to start the season. They have defeated their opponents by an average of 19.66 points per game. They are flying sky high on their trip to Mexico to face off in the Cancun Challenge.

They better be ready.

The Aggies face off tonight against the 17th ranked Purdue Boilermakers. This is a powerful team from the Big Ten conference that plays in the basketball state of the USA. 

Much less beloved then their rival Indiana Hoosiers, the team nicknamed Pur-“Don’t” looks to show the same success that they had against McNeese and Georgia State. 

Purdue has also proven itself by perhaps the best loss of the year against the defending national champion Villanova University. They only lost by three points.

For the last five years, Utah State looks like they are going to enter the national stage when they destroy easier teams early on. Now is their chance to prove that they can compete with superior opponents.

The Running of the Bulls has never been more applicable than it is today when team mascot Big Blue sharpens his horns by the tropical beach.

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