Football Christmas Wishes

Football Christmas Wishes

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the corner, football fans and players in Utah are done giving thanks and now need to be greedy. Here is what a Christmas wish would look like if it was written by each college football team in Utah.

BYU Cougars

Dear Santa,

Thank you for helping us survive the crazy strength of schedule this year. We are excited to play in the 2016 Poinsettia Bowl and anxiously await to hear our opponent.

We would like to win our bowl game this year Santa. We haven’t won a game since 2012. We hope that our sentence to the naughty list will be lifted. We have repented since the brawl at the Miami Beach Bowl and we promise to not sucker punch our opponents as much.

Santa, we know we will win some and lose some games but the one game we ask that you help us win next year is the Holy War in Provo. We haven’t beaten the Utes since 2009. That’s six straight games. Seven is a magical number so we expect to win since we are holier than they are.

Thanks Santa! We appreciate it.


BYU football

Utes Football

Dear Santa,

Thank you for helping us defeat the Cougars in the Holy War this year. BYU was so stupid to think they could get a two point conversion on our defense.  We enjoy being sponsored by the North Pole with your red and white uniforms. We will pass on the offer to make Rudolph our team mascot though as we like Swoop better.

Our program is doing well so we don’t have a long wish list. We got eight wins in a power five conference and were featured on the ESPN College Gameday show for the second straight year. We just ask that you help us win the South Division and possibly a PAC 12 title. We want to show the world what we can do in the college football playoff.

Stay classy Santa and please never ever “Rep the Y”. 


The Red Running Utes

Utah State Aggies

Hello Santa,

What did we do wrong? Everything was going fine. We beat our “big brothers” a couple of times and had five straight bowl eligible seasons with a couple bowl wins. This year we get three wins? Really? 

We are grateful for the newly renovated Maverik Stadium but we need help to make our program better. We need better recruiting, play calling and everything. Can you please either give us some new reindeer for this sleigh ride next year or give some of our current ones some Christmas magic? 

Thanks Santa. We like you but we don’t like getting played. The Brent Guy era was dark and after this period of success we don’t want to go back to the Dark Ages. A bowl game is all we ask for next year Santa. Please help us get back on track. We trust the process and know you are the one who can spread some cheer on our team.


The Aggies

P.S This isn’t a bribe but we are sending you some Aggie Ice Cream. We hope you like Aggie blue mint.

FCS teams Weber State, SUU and DSU

Dear Santa,

Please put us in an FBS conference.


The Littlest Brothers


Dear Santa,

We beat BYU in basketball. Can we please get a football team now? Thanks.


The Green Wolverines

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