The Big France

He makes several put back dunks and alley oops way above the rim. He swats away basketballs like pesky flies. The media has nicknamed him the Stifle Tower due to his French heritage but there is a better nickname for him. 

The Big France, also known as Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert, is a positive impact for the team in a city now nicknamed Swat Lake City. He blocked four shots and scored 22 points last night in an emphatic 112-105 win over the Phoenix Suns last night. 

His most impressive shot was a slam dunk off an assist by point guard Shelvin Mack. This dunk sealed the deal as the Suns were trying to make a comeback after being down by double digits.

The Jazz have now won seven of their last eight games and three straight games. They are doing this while dealing with injuries from starters Derrick Favors and George Hill. Several other players have missed time.

The sky is the limit for this young Jazz team since their acquisition gives them experience. French national team player Boris Diaw is a mentor for Gobert and regularly uses passing skills to get him the ball.

In March many college basketball fans will flock to Salt Lake City to watch the opening rounds of the Big Dance. In April when the professional basketball playoffs start, NBA fans better look out for the Big France. He plays for the Jazz and he is hard to miss.

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