Beehive Basketball Musings

Beehive Basketball Musings

Inconsistent Cougars: This team is unpredictable.  They currently hold the title for the best victory in the state as well as the first loss.  They just earned the best win in the state over the ranked Colorado Buffaloes.  In the friendly confines of the Marriott Center they beat a Colorado team who had recently defeated the thirteenth ranked Xavier team.

Their experience against the Utah Valley Wolverines is a different story though.  Former Cougar Isaac Neilson scorched the Cougars on their home court with 26 points including two out of two on the deep bombs.  BYU got outrebounded by a team from the Western Athletic Conference.  This was unacceptable for a team with such high expectations.

They eventually got it together and battled the boards well against Utah State but then lost a close one to undefeated USC.  They are continuing the pride cycle every game with a hard fought win following a lackadaisical loss.  Nobody knows who this team is yet but we will find out in conference play.

Predictable Utes: This team beats who they should beat and loses to who they should lose to.  They lost to thirteenth ranked Xavier and eighteenth ranked Butler but beat on teams from one bid conferences.  The only thing that hasn’t been predicted is when David Collette will start playing.  He had a little dispute with the Aggies after quitting a day before the regular season started and then expecting to be released while still keeping his scholarship for the remainder of the year.  Hopefully he will be able to hack it at a school that puts “safety first”.

Psycho Aggies: The Aggies are just all over the board.  They win a game against Bristol that ends up not counting because they were too bad and too small.  They then decide that rebounding is just a trivial stat and lose to BYU for the third time in a Jazz arena despite shooting a better field goal percentage.  Teams don’t win much when their opponent crashes 24 more boards than they do.

The Aggies then looked clutch against the Utah Valley Wolverines in Orem as they are now 12-0 against the team from Family City USA.  Shane Rector sealed the deal by sinking two free throws at the end of overtime to win 80-79.  The Aggies aren’t predictable or unpredictable.  They are just psycho.  They will show up clutch against a team that beat BYU yet they somehow get psyched out when playing their rivals.  This is exactly what BYU does when they’ve played the Utes recently.  They get close and then lay an egg in football and basketball.  The Aggies are like famous NBA Cleveland Cavalier player JR Smith.  JR jacks threes and is either on or off but at the end of the game when he wins he parties all night and goes shirtless for a week.

Whether an inconsistent Cougar, a predictable Ute or a psycho Aggie, fans will be looking forward to a few more gift wrapped Christmas cupcake games followed by conference play and hopefully March Madness tournaments to represent the state well.



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