Beehive Blues

Beehive Blues

The Aggie women lost in Tucson to the Wildcats of Arizona.  The Aggie men lost in Logan to the Wildcats of Weber State.  The Jazz lost by a point at home to the woeful Sacramento Kings.

It’s even raining in normally sunny San Diego while the BYU Cougars play the Wyoming Cowboys in the Poinsettia bowl.

With the exception of the Southern Utah Lady Thunderbirds and an in state win by Weber State, it truly has been the longest night of the year for teams from the Beehive State.

It looks like BYU has the potential to even out the first day of winter to a .500 record tonight for collegiate and professional teams in the state of Utah.  San Diego is the place where the Cougars can do it as they last won a bowl game in the Poinsettia Bowl over host San Diego State in the 2012 Poinsettia Bowl.

Three losing teams from the Beehive State tonight have so far lost by a combined total of 11 points while the two lone winners have won by a combined total of twelve points.  Even if the Cougars hang onto Wyoming, the men’s Thunderbirds team might lose and give the state a losing record as they are currently losing by seven to San Jose State in the second half.

Tonight might be the night for bandwagon fans in the state to flock to Alabama this holiday season in hopes that the Crimson Tide will win another college football playoff.  They can stop in Chicago along the way to celebrate with the World Series Champion Cubs but the weather is a little too chilly in Chicago.  Fans of the 2016 champion Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Broncos and Villanova Wildcats are probably too cold to celebrate at right now.

Tuscaloosa is the place to be.  Roll Tide Beehive Bandwagon.

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