Steal of a Deal

Steal of a Deal

There haven’t been any happy moments for the Jazz this week as they have lost three in a row to the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings and Toronto Raptors by a combined total of 37 points. The Jazz are hungry for a victory but their stat sheet may be relieving many Jazz fans of hunger spells of their own.

Thanks to the “steal of a deal” by McDonald’s restaurants, anyone in the area can get free six piece chicken nuggets whenever the Jazz be record six or more steals in any home or away basketball game. Fans just have to head to any participating McDonald’s location by the day after the game. Utah has recorded six takeaways the last two games.

The Jazz have played 31 games so far this year.  They have recorded at least six deals in 16 of those games, giving fans a coin flip chance of tasting crispy goodness with their sweet and sour sauce. Even though the Jazz have lost both of their six steal games this week, they are 8-8 when they record six or more steals in a game. So the Jazz also have a coin flip chance of satisfying their hunger to win.

Stealing the basketball from the opposing team doesn’t always guarantee a victory as there are many factors that go into winning a basketball game. Injuries have hindered the exciting progress that this young team has made to start the season and letting double digit leads slip away has been a nervous habit for them. Even in their wins they needed some big shots to hang on against Western Conference basement teams like the Suns and the Mavericks. They let a double digit lead slip away against the Kings on Wednesday.

The Jazz will improve their team’s chances of winning when they win other stats in addition to the steal battle. Winning the Battle of the Boards, bench points and free throw percentage are a few of the stats that will improve the team’s chances of winning. Recording six steals will improve the chances of fans going to McDonald’s after the game to 100%.

Like Timon from the Lion King Movie, the thieves of Steal Lake City will have fans all across the Beehive State saying, “Tastes like chicken.”

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