Jazz Attire

Jazz Attire

Many Jazz fans love to strut their stuff in Jazz attire. The local Fanzz sports gear store sells collegiate and professional team attire all across the state. While some college attire appears more often in their respective college towns, the Jazz are the one team that shows up in all stores throughout the state.

With The BIG France Rudy Gobert signing a 4 year 102 million dollar deal, the seven foot one Frenchman should be one of the top selling Jazz jerseys of the year. It helps that he is currently second in the NBA in blocks per game (2.59) and fifth in rebounds per game (12.0). He will protect the paint for the Jazz and protect your pockets since his stability with the Jazz makes his jersey a good investment.

Gordon Hayward on the other hand is a risky buy. He looks poised to receive his first invite to the All-Star game since he is tied for 20th in the league in scoring in points per game (22.1). However, his future with the Jazz is unknown. He will be an unrestricted free agent this summer that there are plenty of warm weather teams that could lure him to take his talents to Some Beach. 

His old Butler University college coach Brad Stevens now coaches for the Boston Celtics and Beantown currently has the 3rd best record in the East. The Jazz aren’t too shabby in the West at fourth but the West has always been wild with powerhouse teams like the Clippers, Warriors and Spurs. The Cavaliers are the only team that is definitely better than Boston right now. Al Horford, Gordon and Isaiah Thomas could be the next Big Three to get Boston to the NBA Finals. 

Brad Stevens almost defeated two powerhouse basketball teams in the NCAA championship games against Duke and UConn. Hayward was one bricked half court shot away from becoming the hero in that game. Perhaps he will be the Hero in Beantown so Jazz fans should think twice before buying his jersey.

Other role players on the Jazz could end up being the next jerseys kids will be wearing on the playground. The Hood can certainly drain big shots. Derrick Favors is a stud (when healthy). George Hill is a marquee vet (when healthy). Even popular bench player jinglin’ Joe Ingles can make it rain better than any Aussie in the league.

Even if fans don’t like the 90s soccer styled sleeved jerseys or any of the current jerseys, there are plenty of accessories they can purchase. Jazz hats, Tshirts, socks and even ugly sweaters are on the rise. The new yellow, navy and green basketball logo is taking the league by storm as well as the secondary Jazz music note logo.

If you just want to come dressed in khakis and a blue plaid shirt then that’s fine too. Just buy some tickets to the next home game. They need fans to be loud and Take Note of their success.

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