Cleveland Korver-liers

Cleveland Korver-liers

He first donned a Jazz jersey about a decade ago. The Ashton Kutcher look alike made the young Utah women swoon in their baby blue Kyle Korver jerseys while their boyfriends glared at him with jealousy. He started to make his mark as one of the NBA’s top three point snipers.

Now he returns to face the Jazz after recently being traded to the defending champions.

Bring on the Korver-liers memes.

Korver has shot 40.9% from beyond the arc with the Atlanta Hawks this season. He isn’t too far behind his career average of 42.9 percent. This benefits a streaky team like the Cavs because they can depend on him to consistently make threes as much as they can depend on him to wear a shirt after the NBA Finals.

Lebron has depended on sharp shooters to help him win championships. Just ask Ray Allen, one of the greatest shooters of all time who hit an amazing step back game tying three to help the Miami Heat win in overtime and ultimately beat the Spurs in 7 games. Kyrie Irving hit a clutch three in Game 7 of the NBA finals last year but his number one skill is definitely ball handling. Korver’s primary assignment will be to prowl around the arc waiting for kick back passed from a driving King James.

The Utah Jazz have beat Lebron on many occasions as he is just 5-8 when playing in Salt Lake City. He may have recorded the seat of the year in Game 7 of the NBA Finals last year but this year he will have to watch out for the Stifle Tower Rudy Gobert.

Kyle Korver will undoubtedly be welcomed with jeers from the guys and cheers from the girls but you can bet that the Jazz will take it to the new Cleveland Korver-“liers”. Will Ashton Kutcher, I mean Kyle Korver find minutes in his first game wearing the wine and gold? Find out tonight!

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