Outside the Hive 

Outside the Hive 

College football is over, Conference play is beginning in college basketball and kids are flocking to their local recreation centers for Jr. Jazz games to test out their latest impression of the professional Utah Jazz players. 

While January can be a cold and slow month for fans of Utah sports teams, there is plenty to be excited about outside of the Beehive State:

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Wild Card week brought plenty of excitement. The Packers and Seahawks survived their NFC tests and the Texans and Steelers came out of the AFC round. This weekend should come with plenty of intriguing matchups so it’s time for everyone to have 3 TV remotes prepared (just in case) and make sure their recliner chairs and flat screen TVs are in good standing.

The Cowboys return to face the team that beat them in their last playoff matchup two years ago. The Green Bay Packers won 26-21 on a controversial call that took away an impressive catch from wide receiver Dez Bryant despite significant video evidence that he caught the ball. Look for Dez to make the X sign often in this game as he will definitely be studying the Xs and Os. He will want his receptions to be more obvious than the sky is blue. 

Trump takes the White House

Ok, this isn’t sports related but if The Donald really wants to make America great again he will need to follow in the footsteps of a President who took his March Madness bracket almost as seriously as his health care plan. Look for Donald to think of a more creative name than Baracketology. Maybe he’ll call it “A bracket, a big bracket, a nice big bracket, and Warren Buffet is going to pay for it.” 

Look for him to also brainstorm ways to get championship teams to come to the White House as many athletes have expressed their desire to skip White House visits with Trump in Office. Many athletes regard Trump as a racist so Trump will need to carefully prepare his speeches (and copying them from Michelle Obama won’t be allowed this time).

Clemson wins the national title

Alabama haters will be able to go a year without hearing Alabama fans yell “Roll Tide.” In one year from now they will be hearing this chant again. Clemson Heisman candidate Deshaun Watson is likely headed to the NFL and Alabama has been to the College Football Playoff for the 3rd straight year since its inception 3 years ago. You can bet the Crimson Tide and the Power 5 conference winners from every conference but the Big 12 will be there next year. The not too early picks are Alabama, Florida State, USC and Ohio State are the not too early predictions for next year’s playoff.

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