We All Scream for Eagles

We All Scream for Eagles

Salt Lake City has a new indoor football team which bodes well for a chilly state that boasts of “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. The team will be called the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles (not to be confused with the Ravenclaw Eagles of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).
The name of the newest IFL franchise was voted on by local football fans. The name is derived from the United States Air Force division in World War II. 60% of fans chose this name to be the mascot for the 11th team to enter the Indoor Football League. Games will be played at the Maverik Center.

The football helmets for the screaming Eagles will feature a patriotic red white and blue eagle design. This is very fitting given the national history of the Screaming Eagles division and the bald eagle being the national bird of the United States.

Fans will have a big say in what happens with this new franchise as they will be given the opportunity to call plays for the team and they will be able to vote on who they want to build the franchise. This has Madden Career mode written all over it.

While the previous Hive Sports prediction of a future Utah NFL football team called the Mountaineers has yet to come to fruition, fans can rest assured that the Screaming Eagles are a flashy name that will light up the Indoor Football League.

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