Beehive Bound

Beehive Bound

Gail Miller announced a trust fund that would keep the Jazz in Utah for generations to come. This wasn’t an easy move as the Jazz almost moved to Minneapolis and Miami in the 1980s.

The Miller family still has the game winning ball in 1985 when the announcement was made that the Jazz would stay. Utah thrashed Portland 145-107 that night.

Larry’s grandson Zane Miller loved the Jazz from his youth. His favorite Jazz player was former coach Tyrone Corbin. He once got lost at a store and told the workers that he was Tyrone Corbin. They announced it over the speaker and his parents knew immediately that it was him.

January 23, 2017 is an important day in history as fans can rest assured that the Jazz aren’t going anywhere. As the modern duo of Gobert an Hayward builds their All-Star portfolio against the Thunder tonight, fans will be talking about more than the triple double Russell Westbrook might get tonight. They will be chanting in unison with kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, “How about them Jazz?”

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