All-Star Argument

All-Star Argument

One is a strong candidate for Defensive player of the year. The other is the leading scorer of the team. One hails from France and the other from Indiana, the basketball state of America. One signed a multi year contract with the Jazz. The other will become a restricted free agent this summer. Neither of them get national buzz on a small market team but the average basketball fans should be seeing the Jazz compete well into the playoffs when the April showers pour down.

Why Gordon Hayward should make the All-Star team: He is leading the Utah Jazz in points per game (22.1) which happens to be tied with Raptors star point guard Kyle Lowry for 21st in the Association. Ever since he spoiled Lebron’s return to Salt Lake City as a Cavalier, Gordon Hayward has proven that he can get open and hit the clutch shots. 

There was always All-Star potential seen in him but he never broke through until this year as he cracked the 20 points a game barrier. 5.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game isn’t bad for a gangly kid out of Butler University.

Hayward deserves the Utah bid over Rudy because the All-Star game rewards offense over defense and Hayward is the primary offensive weapon for the Jazz. It pays to have a sweet jump shot even if he doesn’t look have human praying mantis arms.

 Hayward will make the state hold their breath when he makes his free agency decision in July. Stay tuned for more on #Haywatch 2017 but for now sit back and enjoy the dazzling shots Gordon makes that will leave fans campaigning, “Hay must stay!”

Why Rudy Gobert will make the All-Star Game: Hello. He is the Stifle Tower, The Gobzilla, The Big France, Wreck-It Rudy, He French Rejection. Boasting more punny nicknames than the And 1 street tour, Rudy leads the league in blocks per game at 2.54 swats a night. Sometimes he will even swat a ball twice in mid air like a pesky fly.

Gobert deserves the nod because he is regarded as one of the best rising centers in the league. This year coaches get more of a say in the voting and coaches always say that defense wins championships. Anyone who protects the paint like Rudy deserves a shot.

Leading The Brow in more than one category, Rudy also has the fifth most rebounds per game in the league at 12.7 per game. Rudy is also finishing many high flying alley oops which promote his improved offensive game.

Why both should make it: The Jazz are fighting for a home playoff spot in the West right now. They just might deserve two bids to the All-Star game. They have one of the best offensive players and defensive players of all the reserve candidates.

Why neither should make it: Come on, is this even possible?

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