Beehive Ballers

Beehive Ballers

UVU Wolverines at New Mexico State:

UVU lost a close overtime game to another Aggie team in the Beehive State but they will be looking to rebound from a disappointing start in WAC play. This team somehow shot the lights out of the Lone Peak All-Stars at BYU but they have since lost to teams named after a river. Seriously, UT Rio Grande is named after a river that borders Texas and Mexico. UVU will be crying a river unless they can get it together today in Las Cruces. Rallying around Ex-BYU star Isaac Nielson would be a good start.
USU Aggies vs. Fresno State Bulldogs

While lately the Aggies don’t look like they could give the Provo High Bulldogs a run for their money, there is hope that order will be restored in the galaxy of Logan. Tonight the student section called The Hurd will have the force with them in a color choreographed “Blue Out”. There are white outs, black outs and rise and shouts at a certain school down south of Logan but this will win an Academy Award if the students hop on the blue bandwagon and return to becoming the super fans they once were in the conference title winning days with Wild Bill. Look for four star freshman Koby McEwen and the senior leader with the afro, Dr. Jalen Moore. Also look for the Aggie women to light it up against the Lady Bulldogs in Fresno.
BYU vs. Loyola Marymount: This school sounds like a cross between a movie studio company and an art company. Anyways, “Crayola Paramount” or whatever they are called, will be hosting the roaring Lions at 7 PM in the Marriott Center. Fans should remember that the Marriott Center is not a hotel so coming in pajamas is strictly forbidden.

 On a sports related note, BYU needs to recover from the questionable 8 point loss they had last week at Santa Clara. If they don’t get it together, a thirty point loss against undefeated Gonzaga is entirely possible. Then the BYU student section name would have to be changed from the ROC (Roar of Cougars) to the MOC (Meow of Cougars). Or they could be called The Sand because as the primary song says “The foolish man built his house upon the sand”. 

 If the Big Three of nationally ranked Lone Peak High School don’t get it together then even these song lyrics could be changed to “The foolish man built his house upon Lone Peak.” The Sandman Dave Rose himself did build upon the little brothers of former BYU players TJ Haws and Jackson Emery. Jackson was smart enough to not tweet about St. Mary’s being a high school gym but he’ll need to advise little brother Nick to be a team player on the court and not be a distraction off the court.
Despite the digressing story lines that always happen in sports, there are ballers in Utah. Nick Emery can ball as he has tied the freshman single game scoring record that Danny Ainge once held alone. Isaac Nielson of UVU is a stud because he guided the Wolverines to their first win ever over BYU. Jalen Moore of Utah State is a stud because he has a cool afro. No really, he has a long streak of scoring in double figures. He’s Mr. Consistent. David Collette of the University of Utah hasn’t quit the day before his debut with the Utes so if he is more loyal than he was to Utah State University then he may guide the Utes out of the woods they were once in when they lost to San Francisco in their Hawaii Basketball tournament.
These star players will have college students from everywhere in the Beehive State screaming “BALLER!” at the top of their lungs.   

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