Open season on the Bucks

Open season on the Bucks

The Jazz were shooting on more Bucks than a cheap hunting video game. The Greek Freak was held by Gordon Hayward to only 9 points and the only big Bucks highlight that drew attention from the mostly Jazz crowd was a one handed alley oop dunk by fan favorite Jabari Parker. Jabari is Mormon which happens to be the dominant religion in Utah.

Gordon Hayward proved his worth as an All Star on the offensive end as well by scoring 27 points and leading the Jazz to a 16 point victory. Rudy Gobert was just behind as the second game leading scorer at 26 points. 

Joe Johnson was featured as the “Subway sub of the game.” He finished with 11 points. Subway should change their slogan to “Joe Johnson. It’s the way a shooting guard should be.”

Jabari is probably still signing autographs but the Greek Freak (whose real name is impossible to pronounce) didn’t do many autograph worthy things on this Hump day game. Giannis Ante….. The Greek Freak only scored 9 points and he’s an All-Star. It just shows how weak the Eastern Conference is. Gobert was not voted to be an All-Star but played just as good as his All-Star teammate Gordon Hayward.

The Jazz hope that this double digit victory will finally take them out of the slump they’ve recently been in. Based on the way they played last night fans should bet the “Bucks” in their pockets that the team from Swat Lake City will keep beating the teams they should beat and even the teams that outmatch them.

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