Gordon Hayward possibly received even more notoriety among the Boston faithful when he scored 31 points last night. It was to no avail for the Utah Jazz though as they dropped their second straight loss.

Isaiah Thomas broke down the Jazz defense with his 29 point game. His quick pace and ability to find the open man have made him possibly the shortest MVP candidate ever. At 5 feet 9 inches most people wouldn’t think NBA when they see this guy but being picked last in the NBA draft has motivated him to play at an astronomical level.

Many Boston fans were spoiling the Blue Out in Vivint Arena with lucky green shirts of their own. The Jazz left their fans singing the blues instead as they lost to the Celtics 112-104 in a game where they never led.

Boston fans are hoping that their regular season sweep of the Jazz will result in the acquisition of Jazzman Gordon Hayward. With Isaiah Thomas at point, Hayward at Forward and Horford at the post, a new Big 3 in Beantown could start a Jazz band of their own.

Jazz fans hope that their team will make a deep playoff run to persuade Gordon Hayward to stay in Utah. Boston hopes that a run to the Eastern Conference finals of their own and the pick they acquired from the Nets this year (likely the first or second pick depending on the lottery results) can also persuade Gordon Hayward to go to Boston.

Oh, and it helps Boston that Gordon Hayward’s old Butler college coach now calls the plays for this Beantown team that has won 17 championships.

Rudy Gobert and Boris Diaw, the French Connection will be protecting the paint in Utah for several more years due to his contract extension but the jury is still out on whether Gordon Hayward and George Hill will keep the Indiana connection alive in Swat Lake City.

Should he stay or should he go? That’s what everyone wants to know.

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