Big Three in Utah?

Big Three in Utah?

Paul George reportedly said he’d love to play with Gordon Hayward. Jazz fans hope this doesn’t mean Hayward will head back to his home state to play with the Indiana Pacers. What would it take to get PG-13 to play in Utah? How good would Utah be with him? What would the Jazz have to give up to acquire him? This and many other questions can be answered on the basketball round table.

Point #1: The Jazz would become the second best team in the west and the NBA with Paul George

Consider this: of 74 games so far in the 2016-2017 season, the Jazz starters have missed a combined total of 82 games. That’s how many games there are in a season. They did this and still are fourth in the west. The Jazz do have a deep team but all the championship teams have had a Big 3. 

Lebron won with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. He won with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in Cleveland. The Warriors won with Draymond Green and the Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. With a Big three the Jazz will have plenty of scoring options and will continue to build success with their defensive minded team.

Point #2: Anyone besides Hayward and Gobert becomes tradable to acquire Mr. PG-13

Paul’s game isn’t G rated. He chose the number 13 so he could be nicknamed PG-13 for this graphically violent dunks. He took Lebron to 7 games when he had a decent Indiana team around him. George Hill has missed a lot of games and is only getting older so Paul would be an upgrade over him.

The Jazz could trade any of their draft picks and basically anyone on the team, though they couldn’t get rid of every asset they own at once cause you can’t win many games with a three man roster. The Jazz would have to find role players to fill all their roster spots and hope this Big 3 could get it done.

Point #3: A George for a George sounds like the best deal: The Jazz should trade Jeff Withey, a few first round draft picks, cash and let George Hill leave so they can get Paul George. The dude is averaging 22.6 points per game this year. He and Hayward already can score and Gobert is learning to score and already an invaluable asset as a rim protector on defense.

The Jazz may go home this year in the second round at the earliest but if the Jazz pull this trade off they will be on the revenge tour for John Stockton, Karl Malone and all the Jazz fans before them. It is a tall task fit for a King, and who would be a better royalty than King George?

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