Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

The Jazz have swung three times and struck out. They may have not lead at all in the first two games in Oakland in this series. Game 3 was a different story. The Jazz took a one point lead before half and played a close game until the last 4 minutes to the delight of the crowd.

While a series loss to the defending western conference championship Golden State Warriors seems eminent and a sweep seems probable, the Jazz can hold their heads high if they show up again in Game 4.

Gordon Hayward has played outstanding since his low percentage 12 point shooting night in Game 1. Since then he scored 33 points in game 2 and 29 in Game 3. He has been the number one offensive threat for the Utah Jazz.

Rudy Gobert has been the one defensive threat for the Jazz. In Game 3 Kevin Durant shoved him from behind and he shoved back. Rudy showed he’s not going to take disrespect even from a team as great as the Warriors.

While the Jazz have lost all three games by an average of about 11.3 points per game, there have been many close intense parts of this series. The Jazz are definitely a step up from the first round matchup the Warriors demolished in the Portland Trailblazers but the talent gap between Utah and the Dubs still seems somewhat wide.

The next goal for the Jazz has to be to give themselves a chance to get one more win for their fans. They had a chance with 4 minutes to go. Now they should try to give themselves a chance with 10 seconds to go and see if Joe Johnson or Hayward has some game winner magic left in them.

No team in basketball has ever come back from 3-0. It won’t happen in this series unless several injuries miraculously befall the Warriors in a short amount of time. It’s hard to get knocked out though when the Warriors have mostly been the ones throwing punches.

Jazz fans need to come out one more time for game 4 to at least show Golden State what night life in Utah is really like.

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