Goose Eggs for Korver and D-Will in Game 1

Goose Eggs for Korver and D-Will in Game 1

5 attempts, 0 makes. That was the point tally for former Jazz players and All-Stars Kyle Korver and Deron Williams who combined to play 39 minutes in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

They did however contribute a couple of assists and rebounds on the stat sheet. Both players dropped one dime a piece and Korver grabbed 4 boards to outrebound D-Will by one on the stat sheet.

It was a disappointing showing by the two reserves who were once starters and All-Stars for powerful playoff teams such as the Utah Jazz, Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets.

Deron Williams was brought to be a key backup point guard to Kyrie Irving so he needs to do more with the limited minutes he has on the floor. If he drops at least a couple shots in garbage time it could lessen the load a little on Kyrie so he can rest peacefully without filling the need to check right back in.

Korver is known as a consistent three point sniper. He needs to make it rain at least a couple times per game if the Jazz are going to have a chance in this series. If he keeps shooting streaky like the starter at his position (JR Smith) then he will keep getting a lot less minutes because JR can dribble and defend and do much more on the court than just jack threes.

Some would echo Charles Barkley. Any knucklehead can score. Well everyone outside of the Big 3 (LeBron, Kevin and Kyrie) isn’t even doing the little things outside of scoring. Love and James both tallied 21 and 15 rebounds respectively but when Kyle Korver ties rebound specialist Tristan Thompson in rebounds you know it’s going to be a long night.

D-Will and Korver will give the Cavs a chance if: They can both at least score 5 points a piece. The game last night is single digits if they do that.

Korver and D-Will will help the Cavs win if: One of them is a total spark off the bench and goes for double figures (Richard Jefferson led the bench with 9 points last night as an old vet). A clutch three point dagger in the waning minutes by one of the two would also be great if they earn minutes at that point in the game.

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