Can’t spell Utah Jazz without Zaza

Can’t spell Utah Jazz without Zaza

The Jazz are too nice. Well many of them are. Joe Ingles can get down under people’s skin and Gobert’s lightning bolt has made him more fearsome. However, the Jazz need someone who can inflict pain and instill fear into opponents.

Enter Zaza Pachulia.

The seven foot “star” from Golden State has become famous in Cali and infamous against every team that he’s injured a star player. His most recent offense came as he conveniently slid his foot under Kawhi Leonard causing him to get injured upon landing on Zaza’s foot. The Spurs would blow their double digit lead in game 1 and get swept.

Lately Zaza has been trying to hurt opponents by putting his shoulder into screens. The Georgian native (the country not the U.S State) can become more of a star than he is in Golden State, where he can do nothing and his team still wins by double digits. He’s so much of a non-factor on that team of All-Stars that people actually tried to vote him into being a starter at the All-Star game as a joke.

The Jazz need Zaza because he will come way cheaper than Diaw and will allow the Jazz to have more space to sign a real All-Star. Meanwhile Zaza can bruise to his former team of All-Stars to even up the playing field a bit.

The best part of having this guy on the team would be another overwhelming bandwagon of another international Jazz player. Joe Jingles, The Stifle Tower and…. Tripchulia! Putting Grayson Allen’s antics to shame.

You can’t spell Utah Jazz without Zaza. You take the Azz out of Jazz and the A out of Utah and what’s that spell? This guy!

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