Make the Homer pick

Make the Homer pick

During the playoffs the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard Chris Paul called Jazz fans a “bunch of homers” and later claimed that it was a “compliment”. This year it might be in the best interest of the Jazz to make the Homer pick when they select the last player in the first round of the NBA draft.

With the 30th pick in the NBA draft the Jazz can do a lot of things since there are rotational needs at almost every position except maybe center. The Jazz have passed on other players with ties to Utah before but now is the time to seize the day.

Should the Jazz draft a Cougar in Eric Mika with this pick? No but maybe they can bring him into summer league or draft him in the second round if they can’t find anyone better. What about former Ute Kyle Kuzma? Probably not him either. The Jazz need to take a close look at one of the best high school players in Utah history: Frank Jackson.

Jackson played for the prestigious Lone Peak basketball powerhouse and initially committed to BYU before taking his talents to the greener pastures of Durham. Even though he was the backup to Grayson Allen at Duke he averaged over 10 points per game on a good team and has a high stick despite getting injured during draft preparation.

It’s a risky move but the Jazz need to do something to get a good point guard and there aren’t many in this year’s draft with as much upside as Jackson. His timely injury could be just what the Jazz need as many prognosticators are projected him to be taken around the late first round or early second.

Take the advice Jazz. Go with the “homer” pick at 30th. Just like LeBron was just a kid from Akron Jackson could be “just a kid from Alpine” that the Jazz need to be the hometown hero!

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