Mitchell Mania

Mitchell Mania

What was that guy’s name that left the Jazz to join the bandwagon Celtics? Was his name Gordo Haywood or something like that?

That’s probably what Jazz fans were thinking after the rookie named Donovan Mitchell dropped 37 points in a Summer League game against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight.

Donny scored more points than any other player has during Summer League, outscoring big names like top pick Markel Fultz or hype machine Lonzo Ball.

The good thing about Donovan is that he has such a positive attitude. He is always smiling and speaks in an almost hyperactive way about his excitement to play for the Jazz. Don’t let his nice aura fool you. He is a tough defender that doesn’t let his opponent get by him. He has Jazz DNA inside him.

Bottom Line: This is summer league so don’t expect Donny to average 37 a game this year and lead the Jazz past the Golden State Warriors this year. Don’t expect him to lay an egg this year either. If he averages double figures in scoring or at least maintains his defensive prowess during his playing time this season, he will help the Jazz compete for a playoff spot this season.

Stat Line Prediction: Donovan Mitchell might average 20.4 points per game again in the preseason but not in the regular season. That would be a once in a generation stat line like the one LeBron James put as a rookie. This is still Gobert’s team on defense but look for Donovan to assert himself as the next great two way player for the Jazz. He will score 14.7 points per game, dish out 3.7 dimes per game and be in the running for Rookie of the Year. Donny Baller is ready to ball and the Jazz will combine their knack for finding and developing young talent in their new state of the art practice facility.

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