Onward: The Next Jazz Hashtag?

Onward: The Next Jazz Hashtag?

The Jazz need a new hashtag this year. #TakeNote is great but the NBA world already took note of their impressive first round victory against the Clippers followed by getting swept by the Warriors. On the flip side, they also took note of the former Jazz star Gordon Hayward burning his former team twice in one day to ultimately sign with the Boston Celtics. So what will the NBA really be taking note of when the Jazz play next season?

The Jazz aren’t winning a title next year but they can keep doing their best to stay competitive in the playoff hunt. They need to move onward, not backward without Hayward.

That’s a lot of talent to replace.

The social media hashtag #Onward has a Mormon ring to it as it is a common word in scriptorial vocabulary. It is also in the title of a well known Christian Hymn that Mormons sing: Onward Christian Soldiers.

The #Onward campaign would focus on the present without worrying about the past without Hayward or what the rebuilding future might look like years down the road once Gobert finishes his tenure here. The present is great and Jazz fans can find joy in the process that will likely result in a second consecutive playoff berth. After all, the Jazz have acquired plenty of defensive talent to stop opponents. The question is whether guys like Rodney Hood, outstanding newcomer Donovan Mitchell and passer extraordinare Ricky Rubio can make up for some of the scoring that they are losing from the departures of Hayward and Hill.

It’s time to move onto football training camp and other things besides the Hayward breakup that keeps making headlines in the sports media drought known as July.

Onward Utah Soldiers to the basketball war, with the Stifle Tower swatting shots galore.

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