32 Parade

32 years ago Karl Malone thought the Pioneer Day parade on his birthday was for him as he was just starting out on the Jazz. 32 years later here is a rhyme to look back at the famous parade and the parade worthy accomplishments that the Mailman would deliver throughout his career:

Mailman! Yeah, #32

32 years ago

Thought that parade was for you!

We call him Mailman cause he deliver

His elbow made Isaiah Thomas quiver

2nd greatest scorer of all time

He won two MVPs in his prime

Stockton to Malone that was the phrase

That locked up their co-MVP case

In the 1992 All-Star Game

Home in Utah their claim to fame

Made it to the finals back to back

But MJs push off was so whack

Olympic gold on the dream team

Pioneer Birthday so supreme

gotta do what Karl Malone gotta do

Talk to himself every free throw he shoot

32 years later I sipping lemonade

At the anniversary of the 32 parade


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