New Voice of the Aggies

New Voice of the Aggies

For two decades Al Lewis called basketball and football games for the Utah State Aggies. That contract came up and an agreement was not reached. Enter Scott Garrard.

Who is this broadcaster you ask? He’s known by many as Scotty G on The Zone Sports Network radio show. Many sports fanatics in Utah tune in from noon to 3 PM to listen to Hans Olsen (nephew of Aggie football great Merlin Olsen) and Scotty cover a wide range of sports topics. It’s not a bad thing to listen to while you munch on your foot long Subway sandwich.

Scotty started out as an alumn of the Utah State Aggies and was looking for any radio gig around Logan. He finally got a deal to host a country music station and play songs about beer, the girl next door and pickup trucks. He would work nights and made a good effort to accelerate his career path.

My have his efforts paid off. 20 years later he is now the new voice of the Aggies.  From one iconic nasally voice to the next, Garrard will take mantle that will allow him to dissect the 3-4 defensive formation that Matt Wells runs, question every call that the ref makes, and hopefully give some hysterical cries of joy when the Aggies manage some close victories.

It isn’t all fun and games for Scotty. When he’s not calling Aggie games or doing his 3 hour lunch block on the radio, Mr. Garrard is doing a lot of preparation behind the scenes and attending meetings to discuss ways to improve the number one sports radio channel in the state of Utah.

Garrard has graduated from playing Tim McGraw tunes and moved on to interviewing another Tim, namely Tim Duryea, the coach of Aggie basketball. Just as Matt Wells and Duryea have been given the enormous task of succeeding Aggie coaching greats Gary Andersen and Stew Merrill in football and basketball respectively, Garrard will be given a task to replace a guy who has passionately covered the Aggies for so many decades.

It’s a tough task but Scotty G is always up for the challenge. Throughout his entire sports broadcasting career he has literally been “in The Zone”.  Now it’s time to bring that same passion into commentating games and hope that the players and fans will feed off of it.

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