BYU vs. LSU best Dome game

BYU vs. LSU best Dome game

Hurricane Harvey nearly wiped out plans for the Texas Kickoff game between BYU and LSU. Luckily a nearby NFL stadium in New Orleans stepped in and now the Texas Showdown will take place in the eastern bordering state of Louisiana. It is much more convenient for LSU fans to make the one and a half hour trek from Baton Rouge. However, much of the Mormon faithful will still be able to make flight adjustments to attend the game despite the venue change.

It’s time to get ritzy Provo cause BYU is playing in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, home of the 2010 Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

Here are the three keys to victory. BYU fans, It’s time to pay attention as if these were three points of doctrine highlighted by Elder Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of the LDS Church. For his sake some aviation analogies will be included.

1. Stick to your flight plan and make adjustments as needed: If you deviate just one degree from the playbook it could result in a pick 6 which is much worse than a flight deviating to a different destination. Just ask Kevin McCallister how his unexpected trip to New York went. Fun can be found anywhere, except on a football team that is losing. The BYU offense, defense and special teams must be obedient with exactness to their playbook.

2. Take advantage of the decrease in altitude: It is much easier to breathe at sea level than at 4,500 feet in Provo or at 20,000 feet on an airplane. BYU should take the stamina they gained in fall camp at elevation and try to gradually wear out the LSU defense. The bigger the giant, the harder the fall.

3. Don’t drink any Dieter Coke:¬†While the general authority admitted that he drinks a “diet soda that shall remain nameless” it’s not ok to drink soda before a football game. Studies have shown this can cause bloating which is not a pleasant thought considering a football game can result in someone’s helmet crashing into ones stomach. Stick to the classic H20 and replace those electrolytes with some good old fashioned Gatorade. After all, no caffeinated beverages are on campus and who wants to drink Sprite even if it is LeBron’s mix? This should be the easiest principle to follow.

It will be a tough game for both opponents with all-time great school running backs having graduated from BYU (Jamal Williams) and LSU (Leonard Fournette) respectively. If BYU commits to following these three key principles then as Elder Uchtdorf would say. “They will be the talk of the Snapchat and the Instagram stories that the young ones use these days.”

Final Prediction: BYU will falter by a few degrees in their first test against a Power Five school and the result will be LSU 20 BYU 17.

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