Plenty of Love to go around MWC football

Plenty of Love to go around MWC football

They both have the same last name and first initial. One is a backup and one is a starter. One completed 40% of his passes while the other completed 58%. One rushed for 10 yards and the other  ran an anemic -14 yards in the opposite direction. Now answer this question: who is the starter?

If you answered the better one then you’re incorrect. Jordan Love of Utah State University did get significant playing time but senior team leader Kent Myers is still the leader as he put the “Bench Kent Myers” campaign to rest for at least another week. Kent Myers completed a more efficient 75% of his passes but many of those players were first string guys. While Kent enjoyed throwing to deep threats such as Ron’Quavion Tarver, Jordan was throwing to pine riders such as Savon Scarver. In all, the Aggies proved they have a bright future with a quarterback with a lot of upside in Love and a great game manager in Kent Myers when facing easy opponents.

While Myers was great this week, Jordan Love balled out and led the only scoring drives of last weeks embarrassing performance against Wake Forest. Love led the team to a 77 yard touchdown catch and great field position for a 30 yard field goal by Dominik Eberle. In all, Jordan Love tied his opponent 10-10 when he was on the field. If you forget the near pick 6 that led to the first Wake Forest touchdown and the dismal 39% of his passes that Myers completed, maybe the Aggies have a chance if they start an unknown kid with upside in Love.

The bottom line is the Aggies will face much tougher opponents than San Jose State. If they want to be competitive then maybe all they need is Love. Myers can prove doubters wrong by beating down on BYU and Boise State, not San Jose State and Idaho State.

On the other side, the San Jose Spartans have proved that maybe Love isn’t all they need. They don’t know what they need except for more wins against Division 1 opponents. Sure they beat winless Big Sky member Cal Poly but that’s it.

Texas embarrassed them. Utah embarrassed them. The Aggies straight out annihalated their defense by scoring 61 points, more than any other team has scored on the Spartans this year. They made Utah State look like a Big 12 school for at least one week. Texas did post the most impressive defensive showing against San Jose by bageling them 56-0 but the Aggies looked like Super Bowl contenders when really they are Mountain Division contenders at best.

San Jose quarterback Josh Love started 3 out of 5 games and yet has completed only 47 percent of his passes. He’s a Mountain West Tim Tebow. Does San Jose State have a baseball team? If Montel Aaron hadn’t aggravated a knee injury then  maybe his 55% completion rate would be enough to keep the punt team off the field for a few more drives. Aaron started in the win against Cal Poly and the loss to Texas.

One bright spot that San Jose State has is a deadly runner in Zamore Zigler. Ok maybe he isn’t the Leonard Fournette of the West but he has already rushed for 220. Over half those yards were against Cal Poly but that’s besides the point. The dude has a cool name so he’s the only person that Coach Brennan should give a break. Everyone but Double Z should be running laps next week.

After watching Jordan Love ball out, perhaps maybe Love is really all the Aggies need. However, in the case of San Jose State and maybe other cases such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, perhaps the Beatles were wrong. Maybe “Love” isn’t all you need in sports. The number one need for most programs is competency.

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