Historically Bad

Historically Bad

In honor of one of BYU’s worst losing streaks in program history, here is a list of the five worst seasons of any team in the state of Utah:

1. 2006 USU football season: The Brent Guy era was in the middle of the Dark Ages of USU football. The local hero Riley Nelson made his first start and got one win for the Aggies in a last minute touchdown drive that resulted in their only win of the season.

The final score was 13-12 over the Fresno State Bulldogs. The rest of the season was an absolute bust. The Aggies managed zero points against Arkansas, Utah, Brigham Young and Nevada. Yikes! Had Riley played the majority of the season perhaps the Aggies would have played a little better but most likely not much.

2. 2017 BYU football season: The season isn’t over yet but any time a team has its worst losing streak in 50 years and their seventh straight loss comes to a one win team then it is time to panic. Some very bad teams are scheduled to play BYU next. Cougar fans can only hope that BYU will turn it around in some of them.

3. 2011 Utes basketball season: This was one of the worst records in Ute basketball history but it is somewhat forgivable given it was their first year in the PAC-12. Still, only six wins in a 31 game season is creating attention for all the wrong reasons. Coach K. has since turned it around but the Utes will have to continue its efforts to avoid another re-lapse after a disappointing loss in the first round of the NIT last year.

4. 1979 Utah Jazz basketball season: The first season that the Jazz played in Utah was bad. It would be their lowest win total that they would ever attain in the Beehive State with only 24 wins. The Jazz had one 26 win season with Jerry Sloan and one 25 win season with Coach Snyder but have otherwise proven successful more years than not.

5. 2005 Real Salt Lake Soccer season: RSL started their inaugural season with 5 wins, 5 ties and 22 losses. It was not a good year with only 20 points in MLS play which wasn’t nearly good enough for the playoffs. They have since had some success as they won the MLS cup in 2009.

Every team celebrates the good but fe gma s are loyal during the bad and the ugly. For those who need a shoulder to cry on this is the article to mourn with those who mourned in past disappointing seasons.

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