Charlotte has nothing on “Spider” Mitchell

Charlotte has nothing on “Spider” Mitchell

In a famous children’s novel Charlotte’s Web, a female spider named Charlotte saves a pig named Wilbur from becoming a certain bacon dinner. In the modern NBA a rookie whose Twitter handle is @spidamitchell is saving the Jazz from what was a certain lottery year.

While Charlotte the spider wrote the words “Some Pig”, “Terrific”, “Radiant” and “Humble” about Wilbur, these words describe Donovan Mitchell which may help him beat teams such as the Charlotte Hornets when the Jazz face them later this season.

Some Spider: Donny plays like an arachnid. While he only has two legs he plays like he has eight as he jukes defenders and gets a lot of hang time when flying high for windmill dunks. Some people might fear the poisonous Widow species but the “Windmill” spider is recognized as a killer in all fifty states for his ferocious windmill dunks.

Terrific: Mitchell is just plain terrific. His speed is terrific. His defense is terrific. And this?

Unless you’re a Ute fan who is cheering for the Lakers because their former star Kyle Kuzma is on the team then this poster is also just plain terrific. Mitchell will definitely be on ESPN Top 10 plays a couple of times in his career for amazing maneuvers such as these.

Radiant: Donovan Mitchell has a radiant personality. Take a look at a tweet you’ll commonly find him post hours before tip-off of another NBA game:

And go he is. He somehow manages to play at a high level for three quarters a night with a smile on his face. Now he is part of a young unselfish Jazz team that moves the ball around at alarming pace to create open shots for teammates. At the start of the season Mitchell was in a shooting slump along with his other teammates but he has rebounded to average 21.66 points per game in the 6 game winning streak that the Jazz had. The ascent from one of the worst records in the West to currently being on pace for a playoff spot is largely attribute to the star level exuberance that radiates from Mitchell’s countenance. The great minds of Jazz management made an excellent choice in trading a decent piece in Trey Lyles for him.

Humble: While Donovan has played at a high level he doesn’t appear to be the bragging type. He lets his play do the talking and looks to make his team better. He has a high motor but is lowly in heart. If there was a humble pie eating contest, Mitchell would beat Joey Chestnut. Ok, you get the idea.

Donovan Mitchell is some terrific radiant humble spider and he will continue to put opposing defenses through the spin cycle.

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