Jazz Streak

Jazz Streak

The Jazz win streak is now as big as the Snapchat streak with an average friend on Snapchat! How have the Jazz who struggled for the first half of the season suddenly pulled off ten wins in a row? There might be more than a few answers here.

1. Rudy’s return: The Stifle Tower is the DNA of the Utah Jazz just like the Eiffel Tower is what makes Paris iconic. The team has lost only one game since his return. While he was out the Jazz defense looked like the tin man did before he got his heart. The 7 foot 9 wingspan has been swatting shots like they are bees from the Beehive State in which he plays.

2. Donovan Mitchell is playing like an ROY: Donovan Mitchell has had arguably one of the best rookie campaigns we have seen in decades. He was clutch in the comeback win last night against the Spurs. Here is another interesting fact: Donovan “Spider” Mitchell is the first Rookie to lead his team in scoring in a ten game winning streak since Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain did so in the 1959-1960 season! That is first class.

3. Home court advantage: Donovan Mitchell said so himself that last night was perhaps the loudest game he’s participated in. A 6th man needs to be the fans in the arena sometimes when down double digits in the fourth quarter. The Jazz have also been better on the road during this streak as they were the worst road team in the league not long ago. They have won 3 home games and 7 road games in their streak. The home games against Golden State and San Antonio were perhaps the most impressive though as they are tough playoff teams.

All streaks usually come to end in a season unless the team is the UConn Huskies women’s team. However, the Jazz have a game against the woeful Suns tomorrow and after the All Star break the sky is the limit for this team. If Donovan Mitchell can win the dunk contest and the rising stars challenge should his streak count as 12? Maybe not but it will be a great chance for the Jazz to be on the national stage on this All Star break and if this streak continues much longer.

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