Grown Up Grayson?

Grown Up Grayson?

There was Tripgate. The “I hate Christian Laettner Part 12”. The emotional outbursts. All those incidents can be explained by the old Grayson Allen either crossing the line or people just hating on Duke. However, Allen has worked on his game and is excited to play for the Utah Jazz with former ACC foe Donovan Mitchell.

There have been plenty of speculations on what Allen’s ceiling and floor is in terms of his potential. He is different from anyone that has been in the NBA for a while though. He did great at shooting in the pre-draft workouts with the Jazz but his college numbers don’t suggest he’s a Hornacek type knockdown shooter. The tripping instances were strange but they weren’t the first time a player has done something dirty. Look at old clips of what Christian Laettner did to people.

It was all smiles between the former Cardinal and Blue Devil who once had a mini cage fight during a game. Grayson tackled Donovan to the ground in an effort to get a loose ball. Donovan responded by smacking Allen in the face.

They both play the same position but are different players. Mitchell possesses crazy athleticism while Grayson possesses a slight height and muscle advantage and was arguably a better spot up shooter than Mitchell in college. Mitchell never beat Grayson while at Louisville.

One doesn’t need to crunch stats to know that Grayson Allen is a baller on the next level. He is a bigger tougher version of Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer is a great shooter but ultimately found his way to China because his six foot two frame couldn’t generate enough speed to get open shots against NBA players.

Allen averaged 15.5 points per game over his four year illustrious college career. He also hit 38% of his threes. He knows how to be a spark off the bench like he was in the national championship his freshman year and he knows how to take a backseat. He also knows how to handle the media.

It will be interesting to see how Grayson assumes his role in the NBA but it’s for sure that there will be some great moments with him in a Jazz uniform! Grown Up Grayson might be a cheesy nickname for him. Since He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is in Boston maybe Allen could assume the role of G-Time. We are all waiting for him to sport #20!

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