College football Week 4 Survival Guide

College football Week 4 Survival Guide

Featured Photo of Aggie Super Fan credited to Erica

So your Utes are playing BYE U this week, the Cougars are playing an FCS team and the Aggies host Air Force. Pretty boring week right? Wrong! There are plenty of sports going on around the state and the nation to pay attention to. So sit back, relax and read what you could be doing to increase your daily intake of vitamin Sports.

High School Ahtletics: Ok, this isn’t just a chant that us big time programs chant in our annual game against an FCS opponent. High school athletics in your area of the Beehive State can be very interesting. If you live in a place like Parowan or Helper, this could be the big ticket in town.

Does your high school football team stink? Then try going to another sporting event. Girls soccer, volleyball and tennis along with boys and girls cross country can be very fun to watch. As the leaves start to change as the autumn equinox hits, you can get some scenic pics of your friends and family that might be participating in these events near you!

Watch BYU, a game is a game: Ok, the McNeese State Cowboys might not be the Dallas Cowboys but they are still a decent FCS team. They are a lot better than the sorry winless Tennessee Tech team the Aggies ran up the scoreboard on a week ago.

McNeese State is undefeated so far with wins over Northern Colorado, Houston Baptist and Nicholls. This doesn’t mean they will beat BYU but they should make some nice plays. The game is an afternoon game at 4 PM so fans can enjoy a cheaper than usual game and eat a nice dinner afterwards. They may even have time to prepare their Sunday School lesson in the last minute.

Spida Watch in Logan:

Air Force is a respectable opponent and the Aggies’ Mountain West opener will be on ESPN2. However, the campaign to get Donovan Mitchell to an Aggie game has dominated Twitter as seen in this recent tweet

The star second year shooting guard for the Utah Jazz has previously shown love to the other programs in the state as he attended some a BYU basketball game last year and has shown a lot of love to at Utes football games this year. At this point, the Aggies are throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to show Mitchell what a party with the USU HURD is like. If all goes as planned, the party will start with the “I Believe that we will Win” chant and end with the “Winning Team, losing team” chant.

UPDATE: Jazz players Donovan Mitchell, Royce O’Neale and Giorges Niang will all be attending the Aggie game vs Air Force on Saturday night!

Enjoy the great outdoors while it lasts:

It’s still decent weather. A drive through the Alpine Loop is always beautiful. Go up any of the canyons and there will be plenty of fall colors. You can take a ski lift up to get a good view. Oktoberfest is always popular especially for the Gentile folk in Salt Lake. It’s never too late to get a head start on Halloween shopping, or raking leaves either.

Get in on NFL

If your favorite college team isn’t playing on Saturday you can always watch your favorite former college players in the NFL on Sunday. Did you know that there are currently 36 players on active NFL rosters who played college football in the Beehive State? Well, now you know (credit to ESPN). If you don’t have a favorite NFL team then find a favorite former player from your college team and cheer for him and his team.

There is plenty to do as the seasons change but never let your fandom for sports in Utah change. Have a nice trip and see you this fall at the sports games!

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