BYU Preview: Collie living right in Hawaii and Provo

BYU Preview: Collie living right in Hawaii and Provo

For a while Dylan Collie played football at a school in Hawaii. No, BYU-Hawaii didn’t bring their athletics programs back, much less a football team. However, little Dylan learned to be a great football player on and off the field in his three seasons with the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Dylan comes from a family of BYU royalty. His older brother is none other than the famous (or infamous if you are a Ute) wide receiver Austin Collie. The older Collie brother once caught five Max Hall passes for 126 yards in the 2007 version of The Holy War. Following the win he said in an interview that “When you are living right on and off the field the Lord steps in and plays a part in it. Magic happens.”

This drew the ire of many Ute fans who felt that Collie thought the Cougars won because their players were more righteous. This irked Austin a little but he went on to bigger and better things. He had several successful seasons in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts.

Dylan is the perfect little brother. He plays hard and doesn’t cause drama. So far he hasn’t appeared to be as great a talent as his older brother but he works hard. His brother with a six foot one inch frame had some more advantages than he does as a member of the six feet and under club.

Time will tell if magic will happen for this Collie brother but the number one key for the Cougars to beat Hawaii is to make magic happen on offense. He have “reports” that Dylan is attending all his church meetings and the new true freshman starting quarterback Zach Wilson will be looking to make “magic” happen with the Collie connection.

If all goes as planned Dylan will send his former teammates packing early for a luau at the Orem Rumbi Island Grill. Dylan has said Aloha to BYU and Hawaii. In this case Aloha means good bye and Dylan has learned that saying good bye to one situation opens doors for new opportunities.

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